Hey there! It’s Marguerite here from Norway. What do you want to know more about me? Marguerite is a nice lady…. charm… and sweet looking but not available anymore. You could ask from my fiance first. The author is staying in Kristiansand.


The journey begin when the author decided to backpack, leave her job in Norway and start travel around the World. Due to the budget available, she decided to seek help from her friends staying in Asian for free accommodation.


The FUN? Really? Of course the FUN part is the author able to meet different culture of friends around the world while travelling. Imagine you could meet different people around the world like in  Cambodia, Singapore, Brazil. Malaysia, China and etc. What do you think next?


The author always has a passion in mind to help the poor people and do charity. In the mean time, she is starting a small crowdfunding activity to raise fund and help poor kid, so they can go to school instead of child labor.