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ferry service from Singapore

When it comes to visiting Singapore, there is so much that this island country has to offer that you will simply not be able to cover and visit all the places of interest in the country. With scattered islands, the adventure parks, the nature parks and even the places that are important in terms of worshipping – Singapore is home to everything that you are looking for.

Amongst many of the scattered islands that this country has in its territory, Kusu Island needs separate mention. It is a small island that is located 5.6 km south the mainland of Singapore. It is a small but beautiful island that has been famous for the Malay shrines and Chinese temples that many worshippers visit. However, the beauty of the island has also been a strong reason why more and more travellers are visiting this island for their holiday purposes and leisurely activities.

Kusu Island Holiday:


The very name of the island “Kusu” in Chinese means tortoise, i.e. Tortoise Island. Legends are popular that a giant tortoise turned itself into an island to save a MalayChinese shipwrecked sailor and a Chinese shipwrecked sailor. Legends has it that these two sailors returned to the island to pay tribute and thanks to the tortoise. It is since then that the Chinese and Malay people continue this tradition.

But, in the recent times, the place has also been famous for Kusu Island holiday. It is a perfect holiday destination for those, who do not want to spend much money in travelling and yet are looking for a comfortable, calm and serene island that will give them a sense of peace. If you visit this island, it is a must that you visit the Chinese Da Bo Gong Temple and the three kramats or holy shrines of Malay the saints. Walking along the beach of this island is a beautiful experience. It takes just 20 minutes.

Taking a ferry service:

If you want to visit Kusu Island, it is a must that you take a ferry to Kusu Island. It is the most convenient way of travelling to the island. It takes about 40 minutes to reach this island from Singapore. The best part of taking the ferry service from Singapore to Kusu Island is that there are a number of ferry services that are available from different points of ferry in Singapore. All that you need to do is book your ticket for the ferry that suits your time and date.

Just know the Kusu Island ferry schedule and you will be able to book a ticket for you. The best part of booking a ferry ticket from Singapore to the many islands nearby is that you can book the ticket online. It will be easy and convenient and you do not have to worry anything about rushing to the ferry to purchase the ticket.

The famous KTM Komuter Train Service

The famous KTM Komuter train services in the Malaysian nation is the first of its kind electric commuter train services which were introduced in the nation, way back in the year 1995 which was put to operations in order to provide suburban railway services covering all the central city regions along with their suburban counterparts too.

While the KTM Komuter trains are availed by the locals and the tourists alike, while taking on this journey one can rest in the comfort of the compartments while they are taken to their desired destinations at a much affordable costs that one cannot think of!

8379175_origWith about 51 stations and increasing day by day under its belt, the KTM to JB in Malaysia travels to destinations such as Rawang, Seremban, Tanjung Malim, Pelabuhan Klang, Batu caves and many more!

In case a tourist may feel wary of using the KTM Komuter trains while taking a travel from one remote area to another, it must be taken into consideration that the frequency of the trains are pretty good, which is thirty minutes during off the peak hours and about 15 minutes at the peak times, which isn’t bad, is it?

While the travel to and from any of the KTM Komuter station is as convenient as taxis and feeder buses are usually available to reach the destination from the station or from the place stay to the station with ease.

While most of the travel related information starting from the train schedules and the timetables as well as the costs associated with the KTM Komuter train services are available from the KTM Komuter websites, in numerous online options and counter options are available for the tourists which help them to take the right foot forward.


Advantages of a Langkawi Car Rental Service

Before recognizing the numerous focal points of Langkawi car rental, one ought to realize what services Langkawi Car Rental contract organization gives. An auto contract service would offer both cars for rental purposes and driver driven productive vehicles for pick and drop administrations.


So if you are venturing out to another city, you can choose from the diverse models of automobiles accessible that suit your motivation and spending plan and investigate the new places. Essentially, if it is an exceptional event, similar to the day of your wedding, or you only require a dependable support of lift you up from home and drop you at the airplane terminal

Presently we should take a look at points that might interest’s you to get a hold of car rental Langkawi contract services.

  • First and Premier, enlisting an auto is going to keep you far from the inconvenience of sitting tight for the taxicab, or searching for the right transport. If you procure the administrations of a rental auto, then you are going to look at the accommodation right from the time that you arrive at the airplane terminal. The car will be sitting tight for you at the air terminal so that when you arrive you have transportation prepared.
  • Langkawi Car Rental will not end up being lavish in the event that you hit a decent manage them. You may surmise that getting a taxi or taking transport to better places is a shoddy method for going around the city or the nation. However, it will not be on the off chance that you need to go to twelve spots. In the event that you include all the taxicab charge together, you are going to find, which is either going to cost you more. Also taking a taxi or transport is exceptionally poorly designed, and this conveys us to the following point of preference.
  • Convenience is one of the greatest choices that enlisting that Langkawi car rental offer. If you are going with your folks or youthful children, then it is more advantageous to go in a car that is either chauffeur driven or driven by you. Along these lines, you can control the pace and sort of work for yourself. Numerous taxicab drivers are exceptionally unbending about turning reporting in real time conditioner or some cases they do not stop the frightful noise music that is playing in their auto. Thus, going in transport is difficult particularly when you were attempting to make it as a family excursion.
  • You get the opportunity to save a ton of time when you have your auto to go in. Sitting tight for a taxicab or sitting tight for the transport on the right course can squander valuable hours of your time. If you truly need to investigate the new place, then it is best that you leave your inn room at a young time in the morning to visit the most number of spots there. It is not consistently that you get the opportunity to go to another country.

Impressive locations

If proper research is done, then you will observe that maximum tourists in this whole world comprise of women. When it comes to Kuala Lumpur, the city is famous for pampering tourists from all over the world especially women up to a hilt. It also promises to find out some of the most recognized spots.

Best Spots to be visited

In case you are planning to catch the glimpse of some of the exciting places along with shopping as well as beauty treatments, then here are some places that will serve you the best. Some of the recognized spots that can be visited through hiring a personal cab may include:

  • Crown Princess Hotel (Reviewscrown) – It is among those highly recognized five-star hotels which comprise of ladies floor suitable for women traveling alone. In case you are traveling alone, then need not think twice as you will be provided with extra security features especially in case of this floor. Some extra benefits also include florist, restaurants, beauty parlor and hairdresser. It is a matter to joy to learn that this hotel is located on Jalan Tun Razak and is special host to the special spa for ladies.
  • Pamper floor in Star hill Gallery – Pamper floor in star hill Gallery is dedicated to ladies spa and beauty centers. You can easily reach this spot by hiring a genuine car rental Kuala Lumpur and catch the glimpse of J.W. Marriott Hotel. You may easily avail essential foot therapy with essential oils along with a host of luxury treatments for healing and rejuvenating body, mind and soul. You will also be popping over to Donna Spa in order to pamper five senses. You may also avail the facility of a private shower and in room safety for clients for enjoying host health and stress-relieving actions.
  • Ground floor in Mid Valley Megamall – Undoubtedly, gems from the best friends of women. In case you desire to find the highly recognized jewelry store in Kuala Lumpur, then ground floor in the Mid Valley Megamall will be the right place. You will be impressed by the bright lights and luxurious furnishings as they contribute in making an exude atmosphere. You will be able to find out the most suitable gems including diamond and platinum for each and every personality and mood. You will also get a golden opportunity to browse the exclusive collection of jazz and pearl jewelry.
  • The first floor in Sungei Wang Plaza – Visit the first floor in Sungei Wang Plaza in order to enable the women tourists the famous hair salons. You may easily fetch the latest hair styles that are in due vogue. You may also fetch exclusive styling along with digital perm and other hosts of treatments.

Journey 02 – Gunung Mulu National Park, Miri, Sarawak

Apart from preparing myself for the expedition, I planned my transportation requisite such as booking of plane tickets, getting car rental in Kuala Lumpur and other travel arrangements. However, I was concerned about the lodging or hotel facilities but it turned out to be really simple as there were several guesthouses along with home stays available near Gunung Mulu National Park for tourists. I booked my plane ticket in advance and bought required items from the market. It proved highly convenient for me to book a dormitory bed at one of the lodges.



Gunung Mulu National Park is situated at Miri, Sarawak. It is often referred as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national park mainly encompasses caves and other rainforests. As an adventurer, I always wanted to discover unknown destinations in caves and rainforests.

It seemed that Gunung Mulu National Park was the ultimate destination for adventure. I had no experience in caves and enclosed places, so I decided that I should pack my luggage accordingly with necessary equipments. I planned to prepared myself with emergency equipments such as batteries, ropes, helmet etc. But, later I realized that most of the equipments are provided at the site on rental basis.



As planned, I boarded one of the standard airways with operational services at one of the airport near Gunung Mulu National Park. I felt quite tense in the beginning but slowly I started to adapt my surrounding environment. Upon landing at the small airport near Gunung Mulu National Park, I boarded a taxi to reach my booked lodge. As expected, the lodge was quite close to the airport. It proved worthwhile to hire a taxi as it would have been strenuous to walk all the way towards my lodge.



The lodge manager greeted me warmly and assisted to check in to one of his dormitory bedroom. The space was quite small but it was clean. I managed to get all my queries answered from him. He guided me efficiently towards adventure caving at Gunung Mulu National Park. I planned by day ahead of time.


Since, I reached my lodge near the park in the evening, so I decided that I would start with adventure caving in the morning. The morning was great as the lodge caretaker offered me a hearty meal which filled my stomach full. Prior departure, I checked my necessary equipments and went straight towards Gunung Mulu National Park Headquarter Office. The charges to enter the adventure cave and other facilities in the park were quite nominal.



The entry fee or permit for the park was around RM 30 while the travel guide charges were around RM 20-25. As planned, I went straight ahead for the adventure caves. In order to facilitate my cave experience, I had to complete an intermediate course for caving. Upon successful completion, I moved to advance level.


The cave proved to be challenging as it was quite dark insie with no visible sun rays or any other form of light. As planned, I switched on my head lamp and moved ahead with others keeping up with the pace. The most threatening features of the caves were its creatures. These creatures were rapid snakes and giant spiders. I was shivering with fear as I often stay away from spiders. It was quite challenging to move through all corners of the cave as there were hundreds of bats sleeping with feet clung to rocks in the cave ceiling. I feel quite lucky as I manage to avoid these creatures and overcame my fear. The feeling of coming out of cave and seeing the sunlight was incredible.

Journey 01 – Merdeka Square Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Merdeka Square is one of the most memorable locations for me in Kuala Lumpur. Merdeka Square or Dataran Merdeka reminds me of pre-colonial period. I visited Merdeka Square with my friends upon recommendation of my grandfather. The symbolic flagpole represents Malaysia as an independent nation. I often hear my grandfather saying that it was one of the most historic moments when the Malaysian flag was hosted for the first time on August 31, 1957.


The Union Flag also known as the Union Jack was lowered for the first time in Malaysia in Independence Square or Selangor Club Pedang. There are several historical structures near Merdeka Square such as Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, St. Mary Anglican Cathedral etc. The most exquisite of them all is Sultan Abdul Samad Building. It resembles Mogul architecture along with a clock tower similar to Big Ben in London.

I was quite fortunate to hire a car rental in Kuala Lumpur as it plays a crucial role in terms of transportation within the city. My friends drove the rented car from one destination to another within the city. We went inside the Sultan Abdul Samad Building near Merdeka Square. It serves as the office for Ministry of Information and Communication in Malaysia.


Moreover, we were fortunate to witness the annual Merdeka parade. It was truly remarkable as the artists performed jubilantly and the parade moved in full swing. The historical significance of the parade really astonishes me along with nearby places of interest.


The flagpole situated at Merdeka Square is tallest in the whole world.

It is situated at a height of 95 meters from the ground. My friends insisted me to click few pictures at the base of the flagpole. The base of the flagpole is decorated with round black marble plaque.

It commemorates the struggle of Malaysian people from the British Rule. The Union Jack symbolizes the power of British Rule throughout the world. The location of Merdeka Square plays quite a strategic role apart from Malaysian freedom struggle and hosting Malaysian flag. It hosts several concerts, carnivals, races etc.

Merdeka Square is quite popular among the locals. I first came to know about it through the popular televisions series – The Amazing Race Asia 1.

Below is the video for Amazing Race Asia Episode 1

The race commenced from Dataran Merdeka with thousands of fan following around the world. It is one of the most popular hubs for tourists as they prefer to relax and chat among themselves.


My friends and I weren’t tired as our rented car saved time & money. Nowadays, people visit Merdeka Square for enjoyment & relief. Its peaceful location exhibits historical importance along with other structures such as Muzium Sejarah National. We saw thousands of artifacts along with statues and historical items. I plan to tour the Muzium Serajah National again as it displays hundreds of artifacts. Overall, I managed to save quite a lot of money along with my precious time by renting car in Kuala Lumpur. It proved highly convenient for me.

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love-cloudHi my beloved reader! Thank you for visiting my weblog. This is the new website I’m going to build and make it feel so lovely than you don’t want to go to other place anymore… Whatever I could share here hopefully can give you a simple guide by travelling to Asian countries.

My first trip would be going to Malaysia. I’ve done enough due diligence before I step my foot in that country. In my next post, I going to share my experienced in Malaysia… actually I’ve documented my Malaysia visit already but I just don’t have enough time to sit down and write for it…. I promise would give you a good read on it. Cheers~~!