ferry service from Singapore

When it comes to visiting Singapore, there is so much that this island country has to offer that you will simply not be able to cover and visit all the places of interest in the country. With scattered islands, the adventure parks, the nature parks and even the places that are important in terms of worshipping – Singapore is home to everything that you are looking for.

Amongst many of the scattered islands that this country has in its territory, Kusu Island needs separate mention. It is a small island that is located 5.6 km south the mainland of Singapore. It is a small but beautiful island that has been famous for the Malay shrines and Chinese temples that many worshippers visit. However, the beauty of the island has also been a strong reason why more and more travellers are visiting this island for their holiday purposes and leisurely activities.

Kusu Island Holiday:


The very name of the island “Kusu” in Chinese means tortoise, i.e. Tortoise Island. Legends are popular that a giant tortoise turned itself into an island to save a MalayChinese shipwrecked sailor and a Chinese shipwrecked sailor. Legends has it that these two sailors returned to the island to pay tribute and thanks to the tortoise. It is since then that the Chinese and Malay people continue this tradition.

But, in the recent times, the place has also been famous for Kusu Island holiday. It is a perfect holiday destination for those, who do not want to spend much money in travelling and yet are looking for a comfortable, calm and serene island that will give them a sense of peace. If you visit this island, it is a must that you visit the Chinese Da Bo Gong Temple and the three kramats or holy shrines of Malay the saints. Walking along the beach of this island is a beautiful experience. It takes just 20 minutes.

Taking a ferry service:

If you want to visit Kusu Island, it is a must that you take a ferry to Kusu Island. It is the most convenient way of travelling to the island. It takes about 40 minutes to reach this island from Singapore. The best part of taking the ferry service from Singapore to Kusu Island is that there are a number of ferry services that are available from different points of ferry in Singapore. All that you need to do is book your ticket for the ferry that suits your time and date.

Just know the Kusu Island ferry schedule and you will be able to book a ticket for you. The best part of booking a ferry ticket from Singapore to the many islands nearby is that you can book the ticket online. It will be easy and convenient and you do not have to worry anything about rushing to the ferry to purchase the ticket.