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Impressive locations

If proper research is done, then you will observe that maximum tourists in this whole world comprise of women. When it comes to Kuala Lumpur, the city is famous for pampering tourists from all over the world especially women up to a hilt. It also promises to find out some of the most recognized spots.

Best Spots to be visited

In case you are planning to catch the glimpse of some of the exciting places along with shopping as well as beauty treatments, then here are some places that will serve you the best. Some of the recognized spots that can be visited through hiring a personal cab may include:

  • Crown Princess Hotel (Reviewscrown) – It is among those highly recognized five-star hotels which comprise of ladies floor suitable for women traveling alone. In case you are traveling alone, then need not think twice as you will be provided with extra security features especially in case of this floor. Some extra benefits also include florist, restaurants, beauty parlor and hairdresser. It is a matter to joy to learn that this hotel is located on Jalan Tun Razak and is special host to the special spa for ladies.
  • Pamper floor in Star hill Gallery – Pamper floor in star hill Gallery is dedicated to ladies spa and beauty centers. You can easily reach this spot by hiring a genuine car rental Kuala Lumpur and catch the glimpse of J.W. Marriott Hotel. You may easily avail essential foot therapy with essential oils along with a host of luxury treatments for healing and rejuvenating body, mind and soul. You will also be popping over to Donna Spa in order to pamper five senses. You may also avail the facility of a private shower and in room safety for clients for enjoying host health and stress-relieving actions.
  • Ground floor in Mid Valley Megamall – Undoubtedly, gems from the best friends of women. In case you desire to find the highly recognized jewelry store in Kuala Lumpur, then ground floor in the Mid Valley Megamall will be the right place. You will be impressed by the bright lights and luxurious furnishings as they contribute in making an exude atmosphere. You will be able to find out the most suitable gems including diamond and platinum for each and every personality and mood. You will also get a golden opportunity to browse the exclusive collection of jazz and pearl jewelry.
  • The first floor in Sungei Wang Plaza – Visit the first floor in Sungei Wang Plaza in order to enable the women tourists the famous hair salons. You may easily fetch the latest hair styles that are in due vogue. You may also fetch exclusive styling along with digital perm and other hosts of treatments.