The famous KTM Komuter Train Service

The famous KTM Komuter train services in the Malaysian nation is the first of its kind electric commuter train services which were introduced in the nation, way back in the year 1995 which was put to operations in order to provide suburban railway services covering all the central city regions along with their suburban counterparts too.

While the KTM Komuter trains are availed by the locals and the tourists alike, while taking on this journey one can rest in the comfort of the compartments while they are taken to their desired destinations at a much affordable costs that one cannot think of!

8379175_origWith about 51 stations and increasing day by day under its belt, the KTM to JB in Malaysia travels to destinations such as Rawang, Seremban, Tanjung Malim, Pelabuhan Klang, Batu caves and many more!

In case a tourist may feel wary of using the KTM Komuter trains while taking a travel from one remote area to another, it must be taken into consideration that the frequency of the trains are pretty good, which is thirty minutes during off the peak hours and about 15 minutes at the peak times, which isn’t bad, is it?

While the travel to and from any of the KTM Komuter station is as convenient as taxis and feeder buses are usually available to reach the destination from the station or from the place stay to the station with ease.

While most of the travel related information starting from the train schedules and the timetables as well as the costs associated with the KTM Komuter train services are available from the KTM Komuter websites, in numerous online options and counter options are available for the tourists which help them to take the right foot forward.